Truck Tyres & Fleet Management

Keeping an entire fleet of vehicles moving reliably is extremely important to any business. At Mobile Tyre & Auto Team we are focused on making it easier for fleet managers and owner drivers to get the tyre performance they need with the level of service only the Tyre team can provide. Why not give Mobile Tyre & Auto Team a call today to see how we can work with you to find the best tyre solution for your vehicles.

At Mobile Tyre & Auto Team we work closely with the major manufacturers to ensure that the correct recommendations are made on the best tyre for your particular operation ensuring that we keep your fleet moving and reduce unnecessary down time for your vehicles.

Conducting regular tyre checks isn’t just about checking tyre ware, it is also about making sure your tyres are as fuel efficient as possible helping you save money.

Rigid & Articulated Trucks

We provide tyres for both rigid and articulated trucks, so your entire fleet can keep moving regardless of size and load.


Trailer tyres are just as important as the drive tyres, but they are often overlooked. Doing regular checks on your trailer’s tyres to ensure they are in good condition ensures that you get more interruption free driving.

Tipper Tyres

Much like any other vehicle, tipper truck tyres play a vital part in the vehicles’ performance. Due to the vast amount of weight that the trucks have to endure and the high risk of damage it is vitally important to make sure that each truck uses a tyre suitable for the loads carried. That’s why our experts are on-hand to make sure you get the right tyres for your vehicles at a location convenient to you.