Agricultural & Farming Tyres

Choosing The Right Commercial & Farm Tyres

When working in harsh Australian conditions and over varied terrain it is important that the right tyres be selected for your vehicle.

At Mobile Tyre & Auto Team our experienced technicians have worked in rural areas for many years and can advise the most suitable application for your tractor or agricultural equipment.

We supply leading brand tyres and work with you to recommend the correct application to improve tyre life and reduce down time.


Tractors come in many different sizes for varied use and so do the tyres that go on them. Our experienced team will work with you to recommend the best tyre fit for your needs to ensure extended running times and maximum tyre life.

Farm Trailer

Trailers are sometimes forgotten and it is important that correct tyres for trailers is considered as important as the steer vehicle. Having both the steer vehicle and trailer tyre working correctly will ensure both are able to traverse across difficult conditions easier, saving you time and money.

Harvesting Machines

Like most farm tyre applications, tyre are put to the test at harvest time and tyres are crucial to ensure downtime is reduced. Harvesters carry considerable weight and farmers are in the vehicles for long periods so performance and comfort are very important when choosing the correct tyre.

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team have experience technicians with the backing and training from leading manufactures to ensure the best fit tyre goes onto your equipment.


When using a backhoe, your vehicle needs to act as a stable platform regardless of what sort of terrain you are working on. The right set of tyres will not only help your vehicle move around, but will also make sure that the weight is spread evenly on loose surfaces and help provide a stable platform for tools such as backhoes.

Skid-Steer Loaders

A skid-steer loader relies heavily on its tyres to make the tight turns that make the vehicle so useful. Substandard or incorrectly chosen tyres can dramatically affect he operation of the vehicle which in turn can affect the time it takes to complete tasks which can cost time and money. At Mobile Tyre Team have the experience to assist in making the right decision for your equipment and needs.


Grip on loose surfaces is important for ATV’s as well as needing tyres that can handle the knocks and bumps received during daily activities. Our experienced team can assess the suitability of your current ATV tyres and recommend the correct tyre for your ATV to keep your business moving.

Lawn and Turf Equipment

From large ride on lawn mowing equipment to domestic lawn tyres. Mobile Tyre & Auto Team have the range and experience to recommend the right tyres for your needs so you can get the job done.