It’s Never Been Easier to Buy, and have your New Tyres Fitted!

If you know what you’re looking for and you’re ready to get them fitted, you’re about to experience the easiest and most convenient way to buy new tyres – ever!

If you’re not sure which tyres are best for you, just give us a call and we provide you with our experienced advice. We’re not here to sell you our preferred tyre option – we’re here to ensure that you buy what’s best for you and your driving requirements, keeping you and you’re your family safe on the roads.

When you buy with Mobile Tyre & Auto Team, we make your whole purchase experience as hassle free as possible. Simply speak to our team, select your tyres and our Team comes to you wherever you are and fits and aligns your tyres whilst removing and disposing of your old cases.

We stock ALL Major Brands!

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team have access to all major brands and specialise in a range of tyre fitments beyond most normal tyre stores.

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team sends the tyre team to you to fit tyres for Trucks, Commercials, Agricultural, 4WD, Fleet, Trailers, Caravans, Specialty vehicles, performance and Classic vehicles.

If it needs a Tyre we can fit it!

Service & Advice Second to None

We really do take service seriously. Our team of mobile tyre techs are experienced, conscientious and friendly. It’s all about doing our best for you and ensuring we leave your vehicle with the safest fitment possible to handle your driving needs and conditions.

Our tyre technicians pride themselves on customer service and talking you through the whole process of fitment and alignment as well as any other components of your car that may need attention as they present themselves.

Saving you Time and Money

Great service doesn’t have to come at great cost. Of course, you may find the same tyre cheaper buying online and then waiting around a third-party tyre outlet or garage to have it fitted.

Taking into account the value of your time, the ‘saving’ will be very little, if anything at all afterwards.

We ensure that our prices are fair and reflective of what we offer. We continuously monitor against our competition to ensure that we’re keeping prises competitive too.

Service with a Smile

We have thousands of regularly repeating customers right across Queensland. Why…? …because we’re in it for the long run. Your value to us is over years of motoring – not what we can charge you today. Many of our technicians are our franchise business owners too. They’re building long term relationships and loyalty with clients. Most are on first name basis and become a regular supplier to a household too.

Experts in Our Field

Our team has decades of experience in the tyre and automotive industry. Mobile Tyre & Auto Team has been developed over 8 years of careful research into the needs of today’s busy customers. We hope to be the largest savers in time and convenience for families, fleets, farms and industry in the Australian tyre market.

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team continues investment into products, convenience, technology, service and training will see Mobile Tyre & Auto Team at the forefront of the retail tyre industry.