1. Does Your Vehicle Bounce?

When you think of your suspension you may think about the springs and shock absorbers. Both are part of your suspension but serve to different yet important functions.

The Coil springs are responsible for dampening the transfer of energy when a vehicle drives over bumps, potholes and uneven roads. Shock Absorbers and struts help control the movement of the springs so that the wheels don’t move up and down excessively. When these components are stuck, damaged or loose, the tires lose contact with the road as the car is driven, resulting in a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. The also results in uneven wear of your tyres giving a scalloping affect to the tyre. Sometimes this is difficult to see however running your hand over the tyre you will feel the uneven wear pattern formed more noticeably on the inner and outer edges.

2. Does your Vehicle Nosedive when Braking?

If your vehicle nose dives when braking or dips backward when accelerating. This is a sign that your shocks or struts are damaged or worn out and require replacement.

Replacing worn suspension components like shocks and struts will not only provide a smoother ride. It will make a vehicle corner and brake like when it was new. This can give them extra stopping distance, better control, and more confidence in emergency situations.

3. Are you Hanging onto your Car when Cornering

If your car rolls into corners and you feel like you have to hold on or lean into corners, this is another sign that your suspension needs replacement.

Again, this can be a safety issue that requires immediate action since it can impact braking and steering effectiveness. So please call on of our friendly team members at Mobile Tyre & Auto and we can asses your vehicle and have one of our technicians replace worn parts at a time an location that suits you.

4. You Hear Unusual Noises

Another sign that your suspension needs replacement is unusual sounds coming from underneath the vehicle. As bushes and shock absorbers wear over time you may start to hear sounds of metal on metal as you go over bumps. More noticeable would be a loud bang of metal to metal when going over speed bumps and the like. This is likely to be the shock absorbers bottoming out and metal components hitting into each other.