How often should you service your car?

As a general guide, it is recommended that your car receives a service every 10,000 klms or every 12 months – whichever comes sooner.

More general check-ups, such as Interim Servicing options, are also available to ensure your vehicle is kept in the best possible condition. We also provide manufacturer Log Book servicing for all major makes and models of vehicle using manufacturer service schedules to determine when your next service is due, and the type of service required.

Service Type – Service Interval

Log Book Service – When oil and filter need replacement
Interim Service     – Every 6 months or 10,000 klms (whichever comes first)
Full Service Every – 12 Months or 20,000 Klms (refer to log Book)
Manufacturer Service – As per manufacturer service schedule
Regular servicing can help to keep your car running at its best and allow early detection of potential faults which will intern reduce the risk of costly problems down the track.

At Mobile Tyre & Auto Team we believe that regular car servicing is a vital in helping to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads.

When do I service my Car?

Please refer to your owner’s manual for service intervals. However, if there are any warning lights showing or there are noises that you are unsure of, please call your friendly Mobile Tyre & Auto Team.

Lost your owner’s manual and don’t know when you next service is due? Don’t be too concerned as there will normally be a service sticker with the last service details on it displayed on the top right-hand side of your front windscreen. Failing that, please call a Mobile Tyre & Auto Team member and they will be able to help you.

All that said, it is important to keep your owner’s manual in a safe location so the Mobile Tyre & Auto Team technician can look through your service history may aiding in any diagnoses required.

Up to date log books may also help in the sale value of your vehicle.

Need a service? Call us today.

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team have service vehicles all over South East Queensland and expanding all the time. The Vans operate a minimum of 5.5 days per week with some operators happy to work 7 days per week for your convenience. Our call Centre is also open extended hours 6 days a week.

There is a good reason why some of the largest companies and fleets in Queensland trust Mobile Tyre & Auto Team with their fleet servicing, so why not experience our comprehensive mobile tyre, servicing, repair and inspection service.

For competitive servicing options only using parts backed by a full 12 month manufactures warranty give Mobile Tyre & Auto Team a call and try the fantastic service we have to offer at a time and place convenient to you.

Why you should service your car?

You can’t get fined for not servicing your car however not servicing your car regularly can create costly and dangerous issues for you the longer you leave your service recommendations.

Customer Safety is our Focus.

Having your vehicle checked regularly not only keeps your car running smoothly it also prevents small issues becoming larger more costly ones. Inspections are carried out on all vehicles that Mobile Tyre & Auto Team service, repair or put tyres on. Keeping your vehicle in tip top order and you and your family safe is a focus of our team.

Most of the Tyre & Auto Team are highly qualified vehicle inspectors with many year experience in inspecting vehicles for safety certificates and pre-purchase inspections. With late level of experience Mobile Tyre & Auto Team are the go to company for your vehicle servicing tyres and repairs.

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team employ highly experienced technicians to service your vehicles. Whilst you may not be able to notice any difference in your vehicles performance as it can be gradual. Regular servicing allows our team to quickly identify potential issues and fix them before they become something more serious.

Save money

When talking about ourselves we know that prevention is better than cure. When we talk about our cars/vehicles the same thing applies. Failing to service your vehicle each year to save a a couple of dollars really is a false economy. For example, let’s look at engine oil. Engine oil is there to lubricate the components of your engine. Letting this run low or run out can cost you $$$$$ thousands to repair or replace the engine or other components.

Mobile Tyre & Auto Team replace oil and change the oil filter at every service interval. We all go through periods where financially things are tight and servicing your car/vehicle gets pushed to the bottom of the need to do list. Mobile Tyre & Auto Team understand this and are happy to help by doing servicing and repairs in small financial chunks if we can. Just explain your situation to our friendly Tyre & Auto Team staff and we will do all we can to help.

Regular servicing can also save motorists money at the petrol pump. New oil and air filters make for a smoother running engine and a more fuel-efficient car, while addressing issues such as under inflated tyres will reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption.

We have mentioned that prevention is better than cure. As our valued customers, we don’t want to see you broken down and requiring a tow. Not only is it inconvenient it is expensive and potentially dangerous. How do you then get to work or get the kids to school whilst the repair is being made? Public transport is great but not practical for some busy families with multiple commitments.

Get More from your car

Like most things if we look after them, they will last longer. I’m sure most of us can look back and wish we still had that special car/vehicle if we had only looked after it better. Regular servicing is the answer of course. Cars/vehicles are a very expensive investment for anyone, so regular servicing of your car/vehicle can increase the life span and save you money.

Maintaining vehicle value

We all want to sell our cars for the most we possibly can. The cars/vehicles that maintain their value the longest are the ones that are serviced regularly and looked after. When you list your car for sale you are competing with thousands of other sellers and their cars/vehicles.Potential buyers are paying companies like the Mobile Tyre & Auto Team to inspect vehicles to make sure they are not a lemon and have had regular servicing, are not stolen and do not have finance owing.

We preform comprehensive checks of all vehicles and provide reports and photos of the potential purchase. Many years of experience has shown us that poorly serviced vehicles are showing obvious signs of wear and buyers are told quickly to avoid the purchase.

Keep your car/vehicle serviced and you will find the buyer you are looking for.

Why use Mobile Tyre & Auto Team?

Mobile Tyre & Auto team are a growing network of mobile and traditional bricks and mortar businesses dedicated to giving you back your life. Being Mobile resolve your car/vehicle servicing, repairs and tyre replacement at a time and place convenient to you and your family.

Car/vehicle servicing, repairs and tyre replacement is a hassle. No one sits with friends and talks about how exciting it was to get their car serviced or their tyres replaced. However, picture yourself sitting with friends having lunch whilst Mobile Tyre & Auto Team are servicing your car and replacing your tyres all at extremely competitive prices. We just gave you back about 4 hours out of your day. Now you would have to be happy with that.

Don’t miss out on family events because you had to sit at a store waiting for your car/vehicle. Let us come to your home, work, friend’s house or sporting event and get the job done, providing seamless car maintenance and safe happy motoring.
Mobile Tyre & Auto Team are a network of highly qualified professional in their field of expertise supported by some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry.

All parts and tyres used are backed by a full nationwide 12 month manufacturers replacement warranty, guaranteed.

Inquire online today and one of our friendly Mobile tyre & Auto team will be in contact to book a suitable time and place and take the hassle out of your vehicle servicing and tyre requirements.