On Site Wheel Balancing

When new tyres are mounted onto a wheel, there are usually small weight variations in one part of the tyre relative to the other parts. At certain speeds, this imbalance causes the tyre to vibrate up and down, shaking the vehicle and often causing a vibration in the steering wheel.

The contact patch – or the part of the tyre that is in contact with the road – also varies in size when the wheel is shaking, potentially reducing the vehicles grip on the road. When tyres are first installed, and subsequently when a change in the weight of the tyre occurs – such as the wearing of some of the tread – the wheel should be balanced. A wheel balance mounts the wheel on the machine and spins the wheel to detect weight variations. The computer inside the balance machine calculates how much weight should be added to each side, and exactly where on the tyre the weight should be. After installing the weights, the tyre is rechecked to ensure that it is now perfectly balanced. The balanced tyre will now spin smoothly and maintain a consistent size of contact patch on the road.

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