What is a Wheel Alignment and why should you care?

It’s when the steering, suspension and wheels that move out of line, the result is uneven tyre wear resulting in premature replacement of tyres which can be a costly expense that may not be budgeted for.

Tyres aren’t cheap and no one really wants to suffer the costs of replacing them, so ensuring they last as long as safely possible is a crucial part of your car maintenance.

There Are many Benefits in Having Your Tyres Properly Aligned

  • Reduced Tyre Wear = Longer Tyre Life = Less Cost

  • Improved Fuel Economy = Less Cost

    • Fuel Economy improves as rolling resistance increases.
  • Improved Handling

    • Having your wheel alignment correctly set can dramatically improve the handling characteristics of your vehicle and improve cornering and braking.

When do you need an Alignment for your vehicle?

Inner and outer edge (or shoulder) wear of the tyre is usually the first costly indicator that your tyres need to be aligned.
A tip for keeping an eye on tyre wear is that when you park your car for the night, turn the wheel full lock, exposing the full face of both front tyres. This allows you to easily check your tyres, picking up early signs of uneven wear which should ring alarm bells that it is time to call your Tyre Team Technician for an alignment.

Mobile Wheel Alignment?

Few Companies in Australia offer a wheel alignment on your driveway. This is not because the process isn’t possible. All your require is a reasonably flat area, our fully trained technicians and the latest alignment equipment, which all our tyre technicians have.

At Mobile Tyre & Auto Team, we recognise that you are using a mobile tyre service to both minimise disruption to your busy life, saving the need to visit a tyre or service centre entirely. Having the ability to not just fit your tyres but make sure they don’t wear out prematurely due to alignment errors is, in our opinion, the only way to offer a proper mobile tyre service!

Mobile Tyre Team offer free no obligation wheel alignment checks whenever you buy tyres with us.

If you believe you may have an alignment issue, contact our support team today on 1300 689 737 or please complete the Inquiry Form below and we’ll get straight back to you when we’re back in!