Tyre Sizing

Checking your tyre size is quick and easy. Simply review the side wall of your tyre and look for the numbers listed on the side. When you give us a call tell us these sizes along with the brand of tyre you’re interested in and we’ll get straight back to you and keep you on the road.

Tyre legal tread depth requirements

If your car does not meet the legal tread depth requirement in Australia of 1.6mm you car has significantly less tread than a new tyre at 8mm.

One of the main functions of tyre tread is to remove water from under the tyre when traveling in wet conditions. Low tyre tread depth will dramatically affect the wet performance of the tyre and can result in the car aquaplaning resulting in a loss of control of your vehicle endangering yourself and others on the road.

If your tyres are below the minimum requirement it will not pass any safety inspection in Australia.

The minimum legal tread depth for tyres in the Australia is 1.6 mm across the face of the tyre. In simple terms, that means if the tyre stands less than 1.6 mm above the central trenches that run across the tyre it is not considered roadworthy.

To assist you with the checking process you can use a tyre tread depth gauge purchased from your local Burson or Repco store or you can simply do a visual check yourself.

How to check the tread on your tyres

Go out to your car, start it up and turn the wheel to full lock. Turn the car off and make sure you are in a safe environment to bend down and look at your front tyres.

All tyres have tread depth indicators placed in the main tread grooves running around the tyre as shown above.

Once you have found the indicators you need to run your finger across them and see if these at a lower level than the tread to deem the tyre to be legal and safe. If the are equal to or higher, the tyres are no longer legal nor safe to drive on. If this is the case please call your local Mobile Tyre & Auto Team technician and they will come and replace the old worn tyre for a new set.

Keeping your car running and you safe is our priority.

Checking rear tyres is a little more difficult however the same principles apply. The difficult part is being able to view the full face of the tyre. If you are unable to safely get down and have a look. Please give your local Mobile Tyre & Auto Team technician a call and we will make a time with you to stop past and check them for you.